Coral Calcium 750mg Vitamin D3 500IU

Coral Calcium 750mg Vitamin D3 500IU

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Coral Calcium 750mg Vitamin D3 500IU – Coral calcium + Vitamin D3 is used to maintain healthy bones and teeth and maintain the level of vitamin D3 in your body. Also, this medicine helps to treat certain bone conditions such as osteoporosis and prevent calcium deficiency. During kidney dialysis this medicine help to remove excess phosphate from the blood. Calcium and vitamin are vital for the maintenance of the body’s organ systems.

How to use this medicine: 

Always use this medicine as your doctor prescribed you. Take this medicine by your mouth with water. While you use this drug first read all instructions on the medicine label and follow them. Use the medicine regularly for more benefits. Try to apply the tablet at an equal time every day. If you take more medicine as your doctor directs you then consult your doctor.

Side effects of Coral Calcium 750mg Vitamin D3 500IU: 

  • Itching of the tongue or throat
  • Wheezing of the tongue or throat
  • Rash of the tongue or throat
  • Swelling of the tongue or throat

If you feel any of these side effects after applying for the medicine then immediately tell your doctor.


Before taking terbinafine tell your doctor if you have an allergy to it or an allergy to other medicine and food. Tell your doctor about it because it contains serval inactive ingredients that may cause any kind of allergy or other health problem. Share your medical history with your doctor because when they prescribed medicine they are based on your health condition. If you are pregnant tell your doctor before taking medicine.