Dienogest 2mg Ethinylestradiol 0.03mg

Dienogest 2mg Ethinyestradiol 0.03mg

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Dienogest 2mg Ethinylestradiol 0.03mg – This medicine contains two hormones dienogest and estradiol valerate that mainly works by preventing the release of an egg during your menstrual cycle. This pill does not defend you or your partner against sexually transferred diseases. Dienogest + Ethinylestradiol belongs to the drugs well-known as Systemic, Estrogens/Progestins, Contraceptives, Oral. Also, this medicine is used to prevent pregnancy.

How to use this medicine: 

While taking the medicine read carefully all instructions on the medicine label and follow them. Take this pill by mouth as prescribed by your doctor. Try to take this drug same time and each day. Don’t skip any dose of medicine. If you miss this pill in your pregnancy then you start a new pack or take your pill 12 hours later than the usual time. If you take this medicine the first time or you are not switching from another form of hormonal birth control then take the first medicine pack on your first period. For more information regarding this consult your doctor.

Side effects of Dienogest + Ethinylestradiol: 

  • Sudden numbness or weakness
  • Sudden severe headaches
  • Slurred speech
  • Sweating
  • Loss of appetite
  • Upper stomach pain
  • Tiredness
  • Dark urine

After using this medicine, if you show any of these side effects then immediately tell your doctor.


If you have an allergy to this medicine or other allergy then consult a doctor because this product may contain inactive ingredients. Share your medical history with your doctor. Don’t take this medicine during breastfeeding, It’s not safe for the baby. Always take this medicine if your doctor prescribed you.