Hydroxyprogesterone 500mg Injections

Hydroxypregester one 500mg Injections

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Hydroxyprogesterone 500mg Injections –

Hydroxyprogesterone 500mg Injections helps in the treatment of premature birth in women who have had one premature delivery in the past. Hydroxypregester is a form of progestin, a man-made form of a female hormone well-known as progesterone. This product not for use in women who are pregnant with more than one baby (twins, triplets, etc.). It is also not intended to stop active preterm labor. It is not known how it works to prevent preterm births.

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How to Use:

While applying the medicine read the patient information leaflet that is available from your doctor. This medication is given by injection as directed by your doctor. The injection is given by any health professional either under the skin of your upper arm or into the muscle of your buttocks. You will begin taking injections any time from the 16th week into the 20th week of your pregnancy.

Side Effects: 

  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Hives
  • Diarrhea

After taking the medicine if you feel any of these side effects then inform your doctor and stop using this product.


Before taking tetracycline inform your doctor if you have an allergy to it or any other kind of allergy. This medicine may contain serval ingredients that may cause you serval health problems or allergic reactions. This medicine is not recommended for those younger than 8 years of age because it may cause lasting tooth discoloration and other problems. During pregnancy stay on the safe side and avoid this medicine.